Monday, March 31, 2008

Too many aliens are having sex. I know what they're trying to do. Make babies so they can take over our homeland. Alot are chasing our women so they can steal our land. They came here to work. The contract doesn't say anything about sex. Your country has plenty sex if you want sex, go home. I'M WATCHING YOU!!

There should be a law so only local indigenous can have sex. U.S. citizens too I guess but they really should save their sex for when they go home too. Tourist too I guess but not with alien women and they can't stay too long. Maybe bacalavas because I'm not prejudice and they can't have babies. And no babies that should be against the law too.

But the Politicians won't help. They're too busy chasing waitresses in nightclubs. They think they're hiding when they sneak into the private rooms to have hot alien sex. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Why don't you keep it in the family and solve our problems?


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Taga Was Fat Too said...

"Alot are chasing our women so they can steal our land. "

it's not hard to catch your women because they're all fat.

i've seen a couple of middle aged local women who've somehow managed to make it past the 22-year-old posterior explosion unscathed, but they are hard to find.

mainly i find that local women eat about as much as the cows but are more picky about what grass they eat.